The Gottstreu E.P.

Play 01 Play 01 Arrival 3:48
Play 02 Play 02 Boy Girl Forest 5:13
Play 03 Play 03 Nurmijärvi 5:14
Play 04 Play 04 Little Dan 4:56
Play 05 Play 05 Departure 1:24

– for Katja –

Five tracks that were originally meant to go on the now abandoned "offline" album, "Strategies Against Algorithms".

Recorded November 2022 @ Hundehaus Im Reinhardswald, Gottstreu
Overdubs added December 2022 at The Gallery, Erl

Produced and performed by Stephan Kleinert
with special guests:
Flavigula – guitars and effects on "Boy Girl Forest"
Nicole Schmidt - harp on "Nurmijärvi"

All tracks written by Stephan Kleinert
Except "Boy Girl Forest" – written by Bob Murry Shelton and Stephan Kleinert

"Little Dan" contains portions of "Mer Kölsche sin'nen eige Schlag", written by Heinrich Frantzen and performed by Willi Henseler and his orchestra in 1926.

No part of this production, whether composition, musical performance or visual artwork, was created with the help of machine learning technology (also known as "artificial intelligence").

Copyright © 2023 Stephan Kleinert. Licensed under the terms of the cc by-nc-nd 4.0 License Copy Copied Failed Close