The Drunken Fisherman (And Other Stories)

Play 01 Play 01 Ukas 16:37
Play 02 Play 02 Me Without You 5:08
Play 03 Play 03 Before The Flood 8:28
Play 04 Play 04 So Wrong 3:58
Play 05 Play 05 Litte Glitch 2:58
Play 07 Play 07 Ground Truth 1:50

Schall und Stille's debut release.

Early childhood memories, pirate radio broadcasts, war and climate change are just a few of the inspirations in „The Drunken Fisherman and other stories“, a sonic journey between ambient, electronica, triphop, wave and pop; between Eno, Kraftwerk and Massive Attack. Extended instrumental pieces alternate with atmospheric pop songs, layered voices and lush sonic landscapes, sometimes sublime, sometimes sombre.


Stephan Kleinert – instruments, vocals, programming, production
Nicole Schmidt – lead vocals on „Me Without You“ and „Little Glitch“, backing vocals on „So Wrong“
MyLoFy - acoustic guitars on „Me Without You“
Anna Simon – narration on „Ukas“

Special not-so-honorary appearance by
Scott Morrison – spoken voice on "Me Without You"

Recorded at the gallery, Erl, and at Nicole's place, Bonn, February - June 2022

Mastering by Samuel Aubert @

All tracks written by Stephan Kleinert Copy Copied Failed Close